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Let me give you a little history about my wife and I. I am employed full-time with the Virginia Department of Transportation as an Electronic Technician. I retired from the United States Air Force and moved to Delaware where I worked for the State Police as a Radio Technician. In 2001, I moved to Virginia and teamed up a church friend and started a photography business soon after. Several years back we separated, I started “still” photography and he works with video. My wife join the company and we became a great husband and wife team.


Amazing Photography Imaging (API) welcomes you to our website. Our site will provide you with the opportunity to see quality workmanship, professionalism and pride delivered at an affordable price. Our main goal is to capture your special moments and create a tunnel back to that wonderful exciting past in a photograph, photo album or just to view it on-line. Also, we take pride in our retouching service that provides a slight stylish technique used to create a simple but personal touch to the image such as Sepia, Black& White, border, frame and the blend of multi-photo imaging. We can provide digital backgrounds which replaces the background of a photo, giving your photos an impressive, new and professional look. Oh! I almost forgot about our Glamor Shots, for the special person or model that wants it all.


Over 8 years ago, Amazing Photography Imaging was brought into existence with more than 20 years of photography experience. My long-time friend and photographer, Dave Nichols, was my mentor. Through his guidance and my studies of photography and light, I am able to capture special moments in anyone's lifetime. My wife photo experience begun in high school, she learned about photography as well as developing the old but nice 35mm film. She was graded on her ability to create a setting that would produce the most dynamic, eye catching images. She states, get the subjects comfortable and thrilled by creating an, "it's my time atmosphere".


I, Reginald M. Shoulders Sr. retired from the USAF, at Langley AFB, Virginia after twenty years of horary service. Upon retirement, I relocated to Dover, Delaware and was employed with the Delaware State Police as a communications radio technician. After five years, I relocated to Richmond, Virginia where I am currently employed with the Department of Transportation as the Radio Manager. During my career, people asked me why I did not pursue photography since I enjoyed it so much and kept busy weekend after weekend providing professional, quality service for friends and friends of friends. They valued my work so much that they encouraged me to start my own photography business. Consequently, this led to the formation and start of Amazing Photography Imaging (API). Now, Amazing Photography Imaging has doubled its employment when my wife joined and became a real functioning asset to our now, husband & wife team. A few years ago my wife, Frances V. Shoulders, showed an eager interest in photography. While capturing photos in the bridal dressing rooms, she notice her over-thirty year experience as a seamstress came in handy. Not only does she perform her photographer task, she has the ability to correct necessary needs of the bridal party as her now second field, The Seamstress. She worships the opportunity to be a part of and truly treasure working with all clients...

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